We enter into the season know as "Lent". This season is a time of reflection, prayer, inquiry as we "walk to the cross" with Jesus. Why did he have to die? What does this mean to me? What do I have to do to reap the benefits of Jesus' sacrifice?


  •  Sunday School 9:00 am 

  •  Sunday Worship 10:00 am

  •  Monday Bible Study 9:00 am

  • Band Practice - Wed.  6:00 pm

              Audiences encourged!

  • Choir Practice - Wed. 7:30 pm

We are located at

 11111 Crain Hwy, ( PO Box 146 )
       Cheltenham, MD 20623

You can contact us at
                     Office: 301-782-4260
                     email:   Cheltenhamumc@comcast.net
You can contact Pastor Denise at
                      cell phone: 410-271-8696
                      email: dndmillett@msn.com